TREZ Dermatology is a dermatology clinic known for comprehensive and holistic treatment of skin and hair disease. It is situated at a very convenient location at salt lake closely proximal to City Centre 1 and Island no 3. It is attended by Professor Dr Nilendu Sarma, MD, FRCP (Edin), SCE (RCP-UK) who is a well known senior dermatologist in Kolkata. TREZ Dermatology delivers a comprehensive skin and hair care. 



Trez Dermatology offers dermatology consultation services to patients. 

All types of skin diseases are treated here.

Among special services, skin diseases of the children (Pediatric Skin Diseases) are paid special attention.

Various advanced skin care services like antiageing treatment, acne treatment, hair care, various cosmetological treatments, PRP therapies, wrinkles treatment are offered. 

Clinical diagnostic services like Dermoscopy, Skin Allergy Test (Patch Tests), more invasive tests like biopsy are done here.

Procedures like mole excision, cyst removal, scar treatment, electrocautery, chemical peeling, PRP, fillers are done here.

In a nutshell, Trez Dermatology offers a complete skin care to its patients. 


Senior qualified dermatologist  (MBBS, MD) attends Trez Dermatology.



Appointment is required for consultation and all other dermatological procedural services.

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Trez Dermatology is located at a very convenient location in Kolkata. It is very close the City Centre 1. 

It is located on the road that connects City Centre 1 and 3 No Island in Salt Lake. 

 It is very easy to reach out to the clinic from Ultadanga Railway station through public transport like buses, auto and rickshaws. Nearest bus stop is 3 no island. 

See the google map below to locate the clinic.